A bitch that stole my orange. They may also brag about it to their friends who WILL find out you're the bitch that took their orange.

Also can by used as a funny catch phrase or exclamation when someone steals something from you.
"Today I went to my locker to get my snack for English. An orange. When I finally opened my locker, to my dismay, there was no orange. Later that week, I find out Hailey, the bitch who stole my orange, had in fact, stolen my orange. I screamed out in rage, "Bitch stole my orange!!!!!"

Kate: "I would love the orange that I left in my locker. Let me go get it."

*opens locker*
Kate: "Bitch stole my orange!!"
by Bitch_stolemyorange November 26, 2011

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