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When a guy misses his bitch when she's away, and feels that he needs to tell her so he sends her a bitch txt. If he does this he looses an element of his manhood, hence the name, "bitch txt".
Sesh: I really miss her man.
Gav: Send her a txt you big bitch.
Sesh: Nah man, I don't wanna send her a bitch text.
Gav: Just send the fucking thing you big bitch.
by G.Willi July 14, 2008
8 7
When someone (usually a girl) sends you one or multiple text messages bitching at you for something he/she would never verbalize face to face.
Katie sent me multiple bitch texts last night after learning I had forgotten to call her back, which seemed to hint at her real anger towards Mike, who had just broken up with her.
by Jingle Heimer Jo August 11, 2008
9 7
noun- When you recieve a text, and the entire text is someone bitching at you. It's like being yelled at via text.
Angel-Micah was mad at Princess.
Chica- Yea, he sent her a bitchtext that was 3 texts long- Made her feel pretty guilty.
by sleepercell28 August 11, 2011
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