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An all-purpose term used to describe something or someone that is not pleasant.

A male variation of this term is "Bastard Cock"
I just stubbed my toe! Bitch Pussy!

Did you hear what that guy was saying? What a bitch pussy!
by puglife October 26, 2004
29 19
You are a bitch and a pussy at the same time
Person 1: Hey you wanna go party?
Person 2: No I'd rather play xbox and do nothing all day
Person 1: You are such a bitch-pussy
by Broski1222222 August 20, 2011
29 9
Bitchpussy is the pussy you fuck and have unlimited access to for the rest of your life. But you dont necessarily care about the bitch in question, just the pussy.
I met this girl yesterday and I got me some new bitchpussy
by D-Li Llama February 05, 2010
5 0
used when greeting multiple dudes. similar to when black people greet each other.
Yo what you bitch pussies doin.
by bitchpussy2 February 09, 2010
4 0
A derogatory term used to describe some one possessing extreme cowardice. Sometimes used to describe a male who has extreme qualities of femininity.
Bitch Pussy: I was gonna cap on that bitch.

You: Bitch please, your old BITCH PUSSY ass cries when you watch The Color Purple. How you gonna cap some one?
by todayisexactlythesame July 19, 2008
3 1