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1) A annoying, self-cautious girl that turns her self-hatred into a tool to cut everyone else down to make her feel like a real person. This person turns into a bitch monster when she walks down a street with flip flops on and comes in contact with green radiation slime that gets flung up into their hair by their flip flops. Most likely didn’t see the green slime because they hold their chins high to hide the fact that they have a double chin.
2) Jenny.
There goes that bitch monster, lets walk the other way so she doesn't eat us alive with her bitchness.
by Atmosphere1 April 12, 2009
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1. Transcending Bitch,a person who strives to be mean and is irritated by small things.
God, I thought my mom was bad, but your is a real bitchmonster...
by Zed August 21, 2003
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