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a girl who is seemingly normal and usually very nice, but when drunk gets angry and flies into sudden, unpredictable tantrums. This term is used to describe her angry drunken alter ego and while in this state she should only be addressed as such. Can often be found wandering the streets of Scranton Pennsylvania.
"Bitch girl came out at the bar last night and dumped beer all over some kid who bumped into her."
by shaquisha January 30, 2008
BitchGirl is the female version of a fuckboy
Cherry; Yeah, see you tonight
Perry; OMG, she is such a bitchgirl
by Its Li October 17, 2015
those types of girls where you have to ask them a question around 20 times before they answer it or the type of girl who will swipe your tinder if you have a picture with a middle finger
person 1: "who do you think is more attractive, Damon or Stedan Salvatore? and you can't say neither"
person 2: "idk, neither, I dont want to date either"
person 1: "you don't have to want to date them, just say who is more attractive than the other!"
person 2: "neither"
person 2: "stop bring such a bitchgirl"
by ssssaviour December 08, 2014
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