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An insult along the same lines of asshole, dickhead, fuckhead, etc.
Yo bitch fist. Just call me Darth Balls... Bong!
by Agent Buckwald July 30, 2004
a guy or girl who hits like a bitch or an insult that someone is a bitch
that guy is such a bitchfist
man he or she hits like a bitchfist
by anonomous May 31, 2004
1. A guy who hits like a woman.
2. To hit something/someone like a woman.
Mike bitchfisted his PC too much, and now it doesn't work.
by plopomatic January 30, 2008
Female version of the bro-fist often used by bitchy females after a rude comment was issued, also used when something funny was said.
Sarah: Did you see that loser Shaun hit on me?"
Jennifer: Yeah i heard you pantsed him and told him to go die, hahah"
Sarah: Bitchfist!"
*Sarah initiates bitch fist by putting out fist*
*Jennifer does the same and hits fists with her*
by limmy bardin May 01, 2011
The legendary warrior whom had control of the southern part of the earth in the medieval times, otherwist known as Biechfyst
Bitchfist conquered Germany 3 thousand years ago
by Dougman May 16, 2006
An Often used term for a hoe/bitch that is body builder and has alot of muscle bulk.
"Whow, check that bitches muscles!She's a total Bitchfist!"
by Led Demon December 15, 2005
a weak hitting slut
by Anonymous October 01, 2003