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15 girls (all from Palmyra, Riverton, or Beverly, NJ) who bring fun, insanity, and hotness to any situation. Though each has her own unique interests and life, all 15 share the same wealth of memories, love, and support.

"What should we do tonight?"
"I don't know. Has anyone heard what the Bitch Clique's doing? 'Cause that's all I care about."

"I wish we rolled deep like the Bitch Clique. Only having 2 friends sucks."
by Reuqilc April 14, 2005
A group of skinny white girls who talk about people who aren't wearing Victoria secret pink,uggs and drink star bucks
Girl 1: Why are they standing in a circle
Girl 2: Thats the bitch clique
by TheKnowItAll2.0 February 12, 2015

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