Top Definition
1. Characterized by being a pussy or "bitch". With no male friends, but having many girl "bffs", thinking maybe they'll give him some sex
2. Very whiney and/or emotional
That guy is such a bitch boi or so all his bffs tell me
by Clops November 11, 2013
Anyone who is named Jordan. Especially anyone named Jordan Erdos
That Bitch Boi Jordan Erdos needs to stop taking dicks in the ass.
by JImmy KillJew January 07, 2015
a heartless greedy mother f***** who is infull b**** and has been given everything to him his whole life and has never worked for anything
I don't get it all he does is talk shit about her ! He really just a bitch boi
by sexycimino February 07, 2015
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