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A bitch ass nigga is a man: who squats to pee, who switches when he walks, who crosses his legs all the way with his hands on his knees for support and comfort when he sits, who defends homosexuals, who makes love while listening to elton john, who shops at Hollister, who plucks his eyebrows to bring out his eyes, who sings "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...", who holds another man's pocket,or who is in denial about being a bitch ass nigga is MOST DEFINITELY A BITCH ASS NIGGA
ru-paul, wesley in Tu-Wan-Fu, Use your eyes for seeing and your ears for listening and you find a real bitch ass nigga
653 915
A brotha that acts like a sista, always whinin' and talkin too much taking your stuff, talking behind your back etc
he say what, that bitch ass nigga talks too Much
by Killa B July 15, 2004
1594 383
LIL busted ass thugs who think they are hard and talk shit and runs away when stepped to.
3 lil black kids sittin outside of McDonalds and a fat white man walks in and one of the 3 black kids says " whats up u fake lookin slim thug ass nigga" When the fat white man returns out of McDonalds and trys to beat their ass they all run like lil bitch ass nigga's.
by JoooDay November 20, 2005
906 500
chris brown
that bitch ass nigga hit rihanna
by kenny7290 February 16, 2009
448 230
A nigga who talks shit then when is bukked up to refuses to fight because his bitch-like instincts tell him to bacc down or run away. Thus, a bitch-ass-nigga.
Erybody kept sayin this lil nigga jay jay talkin shit, and when they say they gonna tell me he say let them tell me. so i gets to this nigga crib and he slams the door in my face and i hear his bitch ass fall trying to run upstairs...
Bitch ass nigga...
by Blacc May 05, 2006
412 267
A little boy who is scared of his emotions.
A boy that disrespects females on a daily basis.
A boy who lets others mold him instead of standing on his own.
A boy who thinks he's a man but does nothing to earn the title.
Daniel is a bitch ass nigga.
by Dolphins January 20, 2008
270 133
A slack ass, piss poor excuse of a man! Talks a good game but ain't about SHIT and ain't never gonna be shit. Blames all his downfalls on everyone else and excepts no responsibility for his slackness!
My baby daddy is a BITCH ASS NIGGA!
by msthing January 27, 2007
263 141
Someone who is always afraid to do what others are not.
That bitchass nigga Paul ran when he heard the cops
by Locmaster January 18, 2006
90 25