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To contol someone via a combination of sexual manipulation, superior social status, and subtle insult.
"My girlfriend totally bissed me into getting some new clothes."
by TajUK January 16, 2007
to accidently email an unintended large group of people instead of replying to a single recipient.
"why did you reply to all?" "jeez kid, you really pulled a biss."
by chillchillchillkid June 21, 2006
Butt-piss. Sometimes an unintended, humorous side-effect of gay anal sex. Anal leakage.
Is that shit on my bedsheets?!
No. It's biss.
What's that?
Umm, butt piss.
by Popingay June 06, 2010
A euphimism for the word "bitch" used in a playful/jocular manner; almost interchangeable with terms such as "loser" and "tard". It's origin lies in an incorrect interpretation of Dave Chapelle's high-pitched pronounciation of the word "bitch". As an adjective "biss" becomes "bissy" and gives the connotation of being temporarily annoying, uncooperative, or apathetic.
Ila: Hey you biss what's up?
Draenei Shaman: ZOMG! are you calling me a biss..all of my friends were being such bisses at school today. I hope they burn in an unmitigated raging eternal fire.
Ila: Yeah, me too...I like raging eternal fires, they're "hot" and sexy..get it..hah >_>. Anyways, I g2g, bye biss.
Draenei Shaman: Bye you bigger biss.

Draenei Shaman: Why were you being so effing bissy yesterday?
Ila: Well my mom told me I was on too much so I became a bit emo and started to cut myself.
by Draenei Priest May 29, 2007
an acronym used on social networking sites and text messages, similar to LOL or PMSL! BISS - But I'm still smiling!
I'm ill BISS or
I slept with a really ugly person last night BISS!
I don't think I've ever seen one that small before BISS
by birdistheword87 December 14, 2010
Okay, in South Africa, biss is Afrikaans slang for going crazy, going mad, wild, like totally off your rocket. Used mostly by cape coloureds who speak afrikaans.
No, man, Jonty started so much nonesense with my girl last night I almost went biss!
by $+@R$cREM December 07, 2009
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