Wearing 2 different socks that don't match
by Emilies a COWWW February 18, 2010
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(Bai-sahk-shu-ul). adj. State of being for Chicago Cubs fans who root for the Chicago White Sox when they reach the postseason.

**Coined by Chicago's own MAC, JURKO, and HARRY of ESPN 1000. Their afternoon show airs from 3 to 7 (central time) on weekdays and can be heard online at ESPNradio1000.com
"Father, who is that bisoxual chum watching the horse races at the last neighborhood corner tavern?"

"That, my son, is Harry-- an ephemeral bisoxual, he is."
by NIU Mike October 21, 2005
A fan of both the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox. A virtually indefensible position in the bitter rivalry of Chicago baseball.
Guy 1: Screw the White Sox!
Guy 2: Fuck you, CUBS stands for Completely Useless By September!
Guy 3: Aw come on, guys, they're both doing very well right now.
Guy 1: What are you, bisoxual?
Guy 2: Yeah, get the fuck out!
by Smokey Q Rivers July 10, 2008

People who where indifferent socks. Ex (Stripes and Polka-dots) Or lazy asses who don't want to match there socks like a sophisticated being.
The teenage girl is bisoxual.
She needs to learn how to match her socks in a correct manner.
by Sierrasaur & Smilez < o < May 31, 2010
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