its a place where all of the kids from the broke down neighbors come together in to go to school in on of the richest nieghborhoods in BK. Dont worry, if ur white, you will stand out. the popualtion gets blacker cuz now we have mad heads form Africa. we got one asian dat dont speak any eglish but who cares right!! at loughlin u can get anythin bootleg! U need some underwear from Victoria Secret hit up the indian boy wit da braid. almost everyone is strapped so may sure u bring ur shit so u safe!! wen is colonel sanders ganna dye! N if u went to Loughlin u know who im talkin bout! home of the chickenheads, skeets, and type of bird u can think if. if u gay, you can find any type u like!! We also have every type of dike cuz most of the girls on our sports team is gay or they bi or they tryin it out cuz its a trend in loughlin!! if you dont have to dont take any fine arts cuz the art teacher is a crack head n the music teacher has ADD n he like to scratch his ass in front of his classes!! make sure u in uniform cuz them teachers b on the prawl lookin to get someone in trouble. have fun wit dat crazy man dat loves detention. Lata,Bitches
Jay-z said, "ballin like bishop loughlin!"
by CuteyWitDaBooty September 26, 2006
Top Definition
A very traditional, very very well known school in Brooklyn, New York.This school is known to be a landmark in New York. If you are white most likely you will stand out since majority of the school is blacks & hispanics.It was an all white boy school but times are a changing. This school is known for its stellar track team for years & years. The teacher are cool but they don't If you like dance your in luck they have several dance clubs, and plenty performing arts programs.
Set in a great beautiful location,this is a note SEBD your kids to LOUGHLIN!
"Bishop Loughlin fights for victory, GO LIONS"
by Secret Writer January 16, 2009
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