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"Alright remember when you were a little kid and you just didn't realize anything about reality, and you were always in your imaginary world. And now you're like 'where the fuck is that imaginary world?' and 'i need it'. Well, here it is..."

Bisco kids are used to a level of partying, enough to change the world around them that many wouldn't imagine indulging in, much less at every stop on the tour and the hotel afterward. Bisco kids are every reason one's parents dont like concerts from keys to trees, and gas to sass. If you don't know what a bisco kid looks like in action, there's a good chance you dont want to be there
Did anyone see the pile of 50 Bisco kids at the Rothbury show all cuddled together in one big hole?
by Stone>Devil's Waltz October 14, 2009
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a kid who goes to Disco Biscuits shows, and loves to roll and wear sunglasses inside shows.

Bisco Kid - yo bra we need to take some molly
before the show
by phuck a duck July 10, 2008

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