Dull witted racist. Most are victims of sexual assault by several of their parents, step-parents and moms boyfriends, but have suppressed the memories.
A: Why does Johnny get in fights at school so often?

B: Who knows?

A: I think he's a Birther.
by Shut Up Morans April 29, 2011
A term used to label individuals who wish to maintain and assure that the presidential-requirement of being born on American soil is adhered to.
Birthers hold that Arnold Swartzenegger would not meet this presidential-requirement because he was born in Austria.
by JayDee305 December 30, 2009
A term for the frothy liquid mixture formed in the vagina when a baby is born. It is a foul smelling combination of maternal blood, vernix, and meconium (baby poop) that drips down over the mother's anus during the third stage of labor. It is thought to be a contraction of the words "birth" and "lather."
Nurse, would you please wipe that birther off the crack of my patient's ass?
by drsteevo July 28, 2009
Jargon term, or buzz word used by mainstream media to discredit, and marginalize the legal battle of Philip Berg, a registered democrat operating out of PA. The term was most recently pegged in an attempt to divide, a bi-partisan investigation into the legitimacy of Barack H Obama's Presidency.
If you don't like mafia leaders, and respect the rule of law, then you are a birther.
by Zealot Nihilist July 28, 2009
Derogatory term used by those that oppose requiring President Obama to produce the long-form version of his birth certificate against those that do desire such proof. In 1961 Hawaii would produce a short-form version of its birth certificate for those born in foreign countries, however the long-form version would produce such facts as attending physician, hospital, time of birth etc. The short-form Hawaiian birth certificate only certifies the fact of a live birth on a certain date without giving the aforementioned details. "Birthers" would like President Obama and all subsequent candidates to be required to produce the long-form, which President Obama refuses to do.
"Birthers don't believe President Obama has proven his legitimacy." See above derogatory examples.
by Guerrilla Conservative June 26, 2009
A United States citizen who has concerns and finds it very odd, that coming up on a year now, the person in the Whitehouse is STILL spending MILLIONS of dollars to make sure the people that own the country and pay his salary never see his school records, his collage records, and along with numerous other requests of diverse documents his long form Hawaii or Sudanese or... birth certificate. A birther is equally astonished that Barry has managed to convince people under the age of 25, the intellectuals, and internet masses who watch on average of 75 YouTube videos a day, and who elected him, that they should not waste time wondering why it's strange for a man to waste millions of dollars protecting these documents that EVERY president to date has happily relinquished before the campaign. A brither is equally astonished that non-birthers believe birthers think Barry was smart enough to have planned this all in advance, or that his Muslim father may have planned this decades ago. On the contrary, as with all compulsive liars, they are generally dumb, and their lies, like this one, WILL CATCH UP WITH THEM. Birthers are the same people trying to save the non-birthers who elected Barry from a life of misery, tyranny, Islamic/communist rule and debt and the non-birthers will one day grow up and mature and feel like the birthers do about their country, and finally desire to protect its constitution. One more thing. A Birther is actually a term only used by non-birthers, similar to homophobe, only being used by sexual perverts. Those called birthers by the non-birthers are simply United States citizens who understand what it means to love our country and defend its most sacred document of freedom and LAW. Most of these names can be traced to the desk of the biggest anti-American of all, Nancy Pelosi.
If there is no issue of eligibility on any of Barry's documents, then why does Barry keep hiring lawyers and spending MILLIONS to keep those stupid birthers from seeing them?
Has anyone besides a stupid birther ever thought how stupid non-birthers are for believing that Barry has any other reason to hide all these documents?
Actually, birther is the wrong epithet. Since it is not just a long form birth certificate that Barry is spending MILLIONS on lawyers to keep hidden. A better word needs to be dreamed up for someone who wants to see LOTS of HIDDEN DOCUMENTS that EVERY other president in the history of this nation has happily released before the campaign.
by BillBixby August 16, 2009
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