a smelly cunt with many animals dwelling inside
Matt ate a birt and threw up all over his room.
by Matt Birt November 27, 2007
Top Definition
verb. 1.To unethically screw over another person or team, usually done during a sporting event and usually done during a wrestling match.
2. To gain an advantage by manipulating the system.
3. To get fucked over.
During a wrestling match, Johnny puts in a full nelson on Ryan and the match is stopped momentarily. Ryan's coach jumps up and tells him to act like he is hurt so they will win. He has pulled a Birt.

Sentence: a. "If you are not good enough to win, Birt!"
b."Oh shit coach, he's going to Birt us!"
by Grappler March 21, 2007
burping and shitting your pants at the same time
i was so hungover i belched but i birt myself and had to throw out my underwear and take a shower
by tdogsdad October 03, 2008
A Birt is When somebody Takes their fingers an swipes them in a Upward motion through your butt crack..
Birts Are Fun An Might Hurt So Be Sensitive!
by REALSICK June 01, 2005
A debating term meaning "Be It Resolved That."
BIRT this house would construct a giant cube, 26 rooms by 26 rooms by 26 rooms, some containing deadly traps, and throw criminals and political prisoners inside at whim, occasionally observing their plights and inevitable deaths.
by D. Stern October 19, 2005
the combonation of bone and dirt forming BIRT
it follows under the lines of skankish
suckin like 10 cocks at the same time being double penetrated while gettin two dicks at the same time in the nussie
Clearence- "yo you know that girl jenny in our grade?"

Thaputus- "Eww that girl is so fucking birt"
by Mr. Weatherspoon July 04, 2006
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