despite being from Solihull, (Sillhillian?) i consider myself to be a brummie, the place probably wont mean much to someone who's not from there but it's a nice city however you look at it, it has great nightlife, all the shops you could want, places to hang around and some of the best live venues in the country. and it has a lot more culture and history than you might expect, we just don't feel the need to put statues everywhere like they do in London

I've been to Cairo, Dublin, The Carribean, Greece, London and many other places yet i miss Birmingham when i'm not there and i have an attachment to the place, just avoid Sparkhill, its a shit hole
dude did you know Boy George used to work in the Oasis Market?

wow!, theres a lot i didn't know about Birmingham
by theamazingjt March 20, 2011
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My home town. Like every other UK city ive been to. its innerds are depressing and dead, filled with the rotting skeletons of its industrial past. The town centre has almost no character, if you dont count the gangs and homeless. Its suburbs have some nice parts, but mostly not so nice parts. And you only have to walk 10 minutes before you hit another councel estate, with burnt out cars, scallys and shopping trolleys. It may be extremely multi cultured, but if you ask me, theres alot of ratial tension in the air.I dont consider myself racsist, but when you've been mugged 3 times, each time by a different gang of black youths, you have to ask yourself wether its a co-incidence you're white.
Birmingham does some nice currys

Birmingham is dead, like the rest of inner city UK.

Solihull is going the same way.
by Gordon March 22, 2004
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City in the West Midlands, England, United Kingdom, Europe, The World, The Universe.

Full of various homeless people called Dave, who won't mug you - just take your money or stab you.

Known for it's marvellous shopping, and several train stations, including Birmingham New Street - home to the world's most expensive Burger King.

How about a trip to Birmingham to go shopping, meet Dave and grab a burger on the way home?
by RSK August 01, 2003
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Birmingham City FC were founded in 1875 and have only ever won something once - the football league cup in 1963.
They claim to be the 'pride of Brum', which is clearly a joke as the REAL pride of Brum (Aston Villa) recently hammered them out of the premiership.
Have fun in the Championship Blue scum!
It is also a fact that most of their fans support Aston Villa but go to watch the blues as they cant afford tickets to see the mighty Villa.
It is also true that Villa Park is much better than little St. Andrews anyday. Aston Villa have the biggest end stand in europe (the Holte End), and Birmingham have....well.....nothing.
In conclusion the blues fans have no way of backing up their claims of being 'the pride of Brum' as clearly they are not.
My old man said be a city fan I said bollocks you're a cunt, There's a circus in the town Stevie Bruce is a Clown, shoot all the City scum and support the pride of Brum Aston Villa,
Birmingham city 100 years and won fuck all, Some say that St Andrews is a wonderful place To the boys from Villa park it's a fucking disgrace They say they've got showers but we know the truth there's a hole in the roof where the rain pisses through.
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Greatest place in england bcfc rock and knock out aston villa every time plus lots of skaters cool, the gardens kick bum
by rob October 23, 2003
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The biggest ghetto in the uk, part of the dead industrial land scape of the west mids, known as the wild midwest to the gankstaz that rule the area. Walking through birmingham past 10pm without having an ethnic background and a gang of 30 dat are all carrying guns is the equivalent of through no mans land in 1940 with no armor or gun. Although not as big as London after being to both of the ghettoz wel driven through fast i would say that London doesn't compare to. For a single white person you are almost certain to be killed. The police has no control over the gangs,drugs and guns and schanks (knives). It can only be described as a breathing shit hell hole. Every black male from the 13 onwards will own a 9 mill gun. It is the black capital of the uk and has a large muslim population the 2 togheter outway white people by a scary scale. The nice area in birmingham edgbaston is slowly tilting and becoming another scary part of the wild west. Particuarly nasty area's in birmingham are handsworth, aston, lozells, bordesley green, springfields and small heath. Burger bar boys and Johnson crew are the two big gangs that often have to be stopped by armed police blocks ths sort of thing you see on a grand theft auto game. Other parts of the "wild midwest" that are also partcicuarly nasty are dudley, wolverhampton, west bromich(although no where near as bad)
You live in birimgham
Ohhhh ok bye bye.

We rolin down birmingham
No we're white
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The dullest and most boring city on Earth, located in central England.

The town's centre is basically a game of spot the Englishman, the outer suburbs are filled with either old people or South Asian gang members.
Once a bastion of friendly & tough working class stock, now every toothpick teenager swanning around the streets is either high, carrying a knife, or both.
You can also expect to receive at least ten scornful looks for simply walking to the shops.
What's Birmingham like?
Dot: Oooh yes, I remembah when all that used to be fee-yulds it did.

What's Birmingham like?
Amir: b6z up innit blud brap brap brrrrrrap

What's Birmingham like?
Mike: >:-/ Ehhh, ye fuc--*mumbles and walks away*
by PSJ__ August 21, 2010
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