1. To annoyingly persist with capitals and punctuation with everyone elses daily lives, often smacked in the face with a wet fish.
2. To subtly annoy you by requesting punctuation in your work that isnt hers.
3. To annoy Gods with her sucking noises during fellatio.
sophie: 'can i have a capital B please for birkett. .. schlurrrp'
Master of universe: 'Fuck you arsehole'
by sucky_boy May 18, 2009
Top Definition
To 'do a Birkett' is to revise science lots, possibly to an obsessive degree.

Also can mean to revise science constantly, with no other hobbies or activities.
"I've got my Chemistry exam tomorrow, so I'm going to do a quick Birkett tonight to prepare myself."
by Matt Burrell February 05, 2009
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