The ugliest shoes ever. Often worn by the great unwashed, college students, and people with ugly feet.
Ew, look at that chick's skanky feet in those birkenstocks! She needs to put on some nail polish and real shoes!
by surely February 09, 2005
Once known as ugly lesbian shoes, now the "cool" thing to wear.
Still ugly.
"Check out the dyke with the birkenstocks!"
"OMG Becca, I just bought these $80 birkenstocks at Abercrombie and Fitch!!"
by AS March 09, 2005
the expensive clogs or sandels that are for both men and female people. They are usually around $120.00. They are also very comforable and are really preppy. Every big prep should have them.
The Birkenstocks are like the best shoes ever
by Andretheprep November 12, 2005
Ugly ass shoes that hippies or preps wear usually with bluejeans, and are retarded enough to pay over 100$, wear them on a day it's going to rain, then complain to everyone about them getting wet. The also make feet smell horiffic. if you see somebody wearing these tell them to keep them on.
Prep: " omgz, I like, can't believe these got wet! I had to hurry to class, and I slipped in the halls, and my feet are wet, so feel sorry for me!"
by Tracy M August 05, 2005
Those ugly uncomfortable sandels that lesbians wear.
OMG becky she is a dyke because she paid $60 for those fugly ass birkenstocks
by _thm July 13, 2004

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