Hippies and wanna be hippies who wear birkenstocks with socks to keep their feet warm in the cold months. They looks like tools because sandals are not supposed to be warn with socks! Duh
Crazy hippies wearing birkensocks trying to keep their dirty feet warm in the winter with out giving up the sandals- mostly because their too stoned to find new shoes.
by the duba duba WB September 21, 2007
Top Definition
Those goofy folks who wear socks with sandals of all persuasions. Even in the dead of winter--so lame! The ones who wear thermal socks with their sandals are the most lame asses!
Hey look at that hippie chick she's so birkensock today! Man I don't now how she's walking through the snow like that?
by Rey The Word Creator October 28, 2010
Similar to flip-flocks, but specific to the Birkenstock brand of flip-flops and sandals.
Joe can't get a date because all he wears on his feet are Birkensocks.
by BlockyMcBlockinson June 05, 2016
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