The hottest place in Michigan,
Another name for Grand Rapids
La Krunk and B-Nasty went to Bird Town to hit up the local Club Rev. They were Krunking all night.
by B-Nasty October 09, 2005
Top Definition
Nickname for Simcoe, Ontario, a small town in southwestern Ontario.

Founded in 1795, Simcoe was originally called Birdtown after the general store owner, William Bird.
"...those 519 boys are always representing the Birdtown!"

"Yeah, the Lords of Birdtown approach every day like it's their last."
by LoB:LG November 27, 2007
The area of Lakewood, OH nicknamed Birdtown because all the streets had birds names.(I.E. Quail and Robin)It was originally where all the Slavic immigrants lived. It has now been turned into a black neighborhhod, and the shittiest area in the city.
Cruise down my block in Birdtown and Im'ma whoop your ass!
by The Buddha Master August 12, 2008
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