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(female version of Blade)A girl who swears she is the shit, mostly used in the Phrase: Hype Ass Bird Seed. originated in Philadelphia
MO: Ayo Chris that girl mos def shot you down.
Chris: Man, She was just a hype ass birdseed
by mo Reese June 09, 2008
A lesbian who typically wears pastel-colored clothes made from organic cotton. Birdseed lesbians love granola bars, and spend a great deal of their time connecting with the earth.
I need to let my birdseed friend Carol know about the sale they're having at Whole Foods right now, their sunflower flax granola bars are 50% off!
by muonic March 29, 2010
A bird seed is a skanky girl who claims she's a St. Louis Cardinals fan.
e.x. look at all this bird seed on opening day.

e.x. Joe just went to the game for the bird seed.
by sheila tits. April 01, 2011
a hand shake originating from Baltimore used amongst males,to give kudos on a joke,comment, or diss.it is done by turning the hand into the shape of a bird's beak and tapping them vertically.
Guy 1: that was 1 triple dipped,double deep fried,greased up,butta head.

Guy 2: hell yea that broad was. gimme some birdseed on that.

(then proceed with the tapping of enclosd fingers vertically,may also resemble fingers performing the 69)
by Mr.Frost January 05, 2009