Short for "bitch". IT SAVES TIME!!
Bip! you spilled spaghetti on me.
by bowser724 August 15, 2005
When in the act of instant messanging, one starts to right a sentence but that sentence then gets partly written in another IM window; an unintended partial phrase or sentence.
typing to spiff1309: hey want to g
new window accidently comes up and you finish your sentence talking to sentelboy:o out to eat sometime
by mik g March 01, 2005
As a noun is means a fart, as a verb it means to fart.
I have to bip so badly.
by meepster November 04, 2004
A man or woman coming from both African and Asian heritage.
CHeck out those bips!
by Notch April 29, 2003
General term of reference for pothead used during the early and mid 70's. Could have been used earlier. Was synonymous with the term " burn-outs "
They are a bunch of bips. He is such a bip.
#burnout #burn-out #pothead #doper #doobie
by Getitright January 22, 2015
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