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a small Christian university founded in 1908.

it's student population consists of various cliques:

- the SOS leaders-
They'll yell in your face for the first week of school and never say hi after that. They can be spotted wearing their "SOS jackets" (the equivalent of letterman's jackets). Word on the street is SOS is a cult - blood in blood out.

- the RA's -
While RA's at normal universities spend their time making sure there isn't too much sex or alcohol on the floor, RA's at Biola spend their time talking to you about your feelings.

- the SMU kids -
The servants of Biola. They grew up in a upper middle class white family, yet they have a connection with the third world country struggles. They are the most clever of the Biola students for somehow getting all expense paid vacations.

- Bropoc -
These kids used to be the flyest kids on the block. They had all the looks, dance moves, and recognition. That is until someone stole it..

- Chickenpoc -
The new "it" group, or so they want you to think. Most of them are art majors, hence their "too trendy for you" stench. Once practices for Mock Rock start you'll know.. just check your Instragram. Also, don't say hi to them if you see them around campus, they will NOT say hi.

- the Koreans -
The only other race aside from white people. They flock together, like the true eagles they are. Not much is known about them unless you yourself are Korean.

Overall, Biola University is a good school with a Pharisee here and there.
Biola University mantra: John 3:16
by little_eaglette_1908 December 19, 2013
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