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Tattoo symbol with 3 interlocking circles with another circle in the middle.

The biohazard symbol was created to identify hazardous substances back in the 60's but is now part of popular culture. As a tattoo it was popularized by the band Biohazard.

It has been adopted by many in the gay and HIV+ communities to identify people with HIV/AIDS to their potential sexual partners.
That dude's got a biohazard tattoo. He's either a hardcore social reject or he has AIDS!
by Jaquinoff March 09, 2011
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A tattoo of the bio-hazard symbol. Most commonly on the skin of a human, in black or red ink.

Reasons for getting it are varied, 100% of the time it has to do entirely with why the person wanted to get it.
This man has a Biohazard Tattoo on his hand. He must be hazardous. Possibly a zombie, or somebody with a brain problem causing him to want it.
by scaredzombie February 20, 2010
A tattoo of the biohazard symbol. Has nothing to do with sexuality, AIDS, or anything else the 13 year old writer of the other definition said.
People get it for any of the following reasons:
1. It looks cool.
2. They are DFLers for the band Biohazard.
3. It goes well into blackwork sleeves due to it's shape.
4. Because they want to.
Bill DeMott has a biohazard tattoo, try calling him gay to his face.
by Dispeller of ridiculous claims September 06, 2007
It is a warning others the person with the tattoo is intense and lives,works,loves, and parties hard. My brother has a biohazard tat and that descibes him....beware if you see one it could be a hazard.
Garrett has a biohazard tattoo and has been known to date up to five at once and a couple were married. (near misses with hubands coming home early..............)
by Chevy Momma August 08, 2009
Historically, the Biohazard Tattoo represents something that should be stayed away from at the risk of ones health. It indicates something dangerous and possibly deadly.

Popular culture has adapted the symbol into something that is measnt to infer to the viewer that the bearer either "lives on the edge" or, more directly, IS hazardous to the health of others.

It would be ill advised for anyone working in healthcare or foodservice industries to have such a tattoo. It demonstrates an egrggious lack of judgment and forethought and shows they are oblivious to the sensitivites of the general populace.

In other words, ignorant.

In the gay community it has apparently become a beacon for someone with AIDS. If this is true, again, while the idea of TRUTH IN ADVERTISING is laudable, it may also be a banner of honesty that eliminate any chance of finding a partner, unless of course that partner was LOOKING to catch HIV.

In my opinion, this tattoo should be done away with in favor of having the phrase INFECTIOUS WASTE tattoed directly one the forehead.
If you really need an example of what I am saying about biohazard tattoo, then you need to move on from here.
by 33rd degree May 07, 2012

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