1. a long haired beast from buffalo.

2. The personality of going to the gym, lifting a few times and becoming a hardass.

3. A sales rep for delta sonic.
Bino went to the gym and became such a fucking bino that he went to work at bino.
by DJ TOEJAM June 04, 2004
Top Definition
Slang term for bong.
Olivia - "today was such a stressful day at work"
Theresa - "take a hit from the bino, you'll feel way better"

"Sarah can't stop coughing because she hit the bino too hard"
by d1ckb1rdz February 13, 2014
Word used by most young adults when describing the casino.
Dude lets hit up the bino tonight!

I just lost my whole paycheck at the bino last night, my mom is gonna kill me.

I swear to god the bino is full of indian rats who are out to get my money, fuckin bastards.
by gettinitwet24/7 June 25, 2010
synonym for binoculars
Dropping a mint on binos may not be a bad investment–most top-of-the line models are practically indestructible, come with lifetime warranties, and may be the only binoculars you’ll ever need to buy.
by bgwanks April 02, 2011
An acronym, usually meant to represent "Batman In Name Only", and refers to the sixties Adam West Batman. This term is commonly used by those who are unpleased with the sixties batman movies, or the show.
BINO really, really sucks.
by Vincent Famov May 06, 2006
shortened from alBINO... A very very pale person, often 'ill around the eyes' with paleness. White haired, lacking any pigment. Pronounced Bi-no. Richard Laymon's Eric the beast is a bino.
Strewth.............that bloke's a bino
by WretchedBint February 02, 2007
big black beautiful buffalo bino, that's right, we said black
Bino is black
by apt 3A June 07, 2004
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