a name used to describe a piece of crap car with no muffler but a really good cd system. incredibly endearing.
man, no guy will ever bang me because i'm driving binky, but who cares, she's a sweet ride
by jilliton February 22, 2005
Another word for a Pikey. Derived from a cross between Bin and Stinky. This is where you'll normally find this creature shuffling. These bins are normally piled high with junk food wrappers and located next to caravans at travelling fair grounds. The Binky will normally be found here smoking on a bent roll-up which sits in the gap where the front teeth once were (many years ago).
"Christ this burger is rank"
"Bin it - that Binky'll have it"
by NedKandi January 02, 2004
BINKY- pronounced - (BINK-E)/ A Ghetto/prison name for a syringe.
Hey fool , do u got a extra binky so i can do a shizzzzot.
by SKOL-6 August 18, 2005
a black person who is out of control
binkie love is gross, what a bink, and binkies are out of control these days
by oattis July 12, 2006
Any half-white/half-hispanic kid.
honKY, Beaner:- Bean-ky Binky
My seven week old son Binky.
"I've had enough of your cuteness for one night Binky"
by kirsty7 October 26, 2005
My boyfriend's unfortunate nickname given to him by one of his brutal gay nazi animality friends named Charlie Smith, and yes i do dislike him but hey everyone is disliked for something.
I personally only call him Binky when I get mad at him. But most pple call him that to annnoy him but it doesn't work and then some might think that's his pet name.
by A.J. August 20, 2003
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