A sexual maneuver that involves inserting a finger (preferably the thumb) into the vagina while making twisting motions with your hand. Derived from Chelsea "Binky" Birman by R Love. Most commonly performed by future adult film star Scott Pollack aka Mickey Lane.
I gave her the Binky and she went nuts.

Its amazing how the Binky hits the G Spot the perfect way.
by Pulldick May 29, 2004
the secret nickname of BL1NXx, known only to a select few.

also on the odd ocassion called blinky by the mole men.
Me "Hi binky how are you?"
Me "good good"
by d|g|ta| May 02, 2005
A loving, caring executive from North London, who brings joy and good will to all those she meets. But not someone to be reckoned with - if you get on the wrong side of a 'Binky' she will mess you up good and proper!
I said to my Binky 'no' and she hit me round the face, I know it was a bad 'Binky' day!
by Bushbaby December 21, 2003
the new word for porno
Man it's lonely here, let's go rent some lesbian binky.

Oh my goodness!!! Son I am hearing weird sounds from your room!! Are you watching binky?!

Dude I'm f*ckin smashed girrrllll, let's make a binky tape.

I'm bored, I'm gonna do the stranger while watching binky. (if you dont know what stranger is, look it up.)
by Chingo Blingg August 10, 2006
small, cute and cuddly.
1)oh my god those midgets in that x-rated movie were so binky
2)oh my god that roadkill is soo binky i just see it and want to scrape it up and hug it lots
by slit.canvas@gmail.com October 20, 2005
alias assumed by one Binny Patel
'it's Binky with no brains'
by Rocco July 03, 2003
Honky, stoned, mashed-out, zanky, splinky, bonky...basically when one has consumed too much Marijuana and thinks that they are a floating head without a body.
"Lewis is binky as usual"
by Lewis1983 June 02, 2005

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