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The Clitoris - a sensitive part of a woman's vagina - often exploited through cunnilingus.
Nicole has the best Binky I know, I could lick it for dayz
by Mahogany Ride July 27, 2007
Also “Bink” an abbreviation of “Binky-Bye” my 18 month old daughter’s rendition of “Punkin’ Pie.”
Example: “OK Bink... you’ve got “Binky-Bye” down pat... now lets try ‘Daa Daa’!!!”
by JD Ellis February 24, 2008
a mooching, smelly, unsanitary person. This person may also be abnormally obese and showers seldom. The original binky was born and raised in the 80's in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn NY
That kid from 20th ave is a Binky.

Hey watup binky, u look terrible.
by Phil C - Brooklyn January 07, 2008
Short for 'If you were a dog, i'd shave your arse and make you walk backwards and you have a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp, you twat'
Yo Reh Dogg, that biatch sure is binky
by DiscoSteve January 03, 2010
1: A pacifier.
2: My nickname.
1: "Hey Mel, give Matt his Binky."
2: "Binky, c'mon over here."
by ThE:BiNKY:BaNDiT January 05, 2004
Another Word for Porn
Every male in the world can't live without Binky.
Binky helps male ejaculate easier.
"Stop looking at Binky!"/ "I can't help it, Binky is the love of my life"
by Mi Dang August 09, 2006
The Grim Reapers Horse.
"Post Hast Binky", not that the grim reaper would ever say that...
by SpadeFace November 02, 2004