Where when you have been on a winning streak all night at the bingo hall, and some smelly guy comes and sits next to you and wins the next round, taking your buddy card in the process.
Ted: Did you see how pissed i was when that bingo dick took advantage of my hot streak?"

Leigh: Ya man, i was gonna steal his winnings for ya.
by Xiliophix November 21, 2009
Top Definition
The last dick picked in an assortment of dicks. Similar to Bingo it's the last pick, which consequently, only 1 person is proud of. In this case it's likely their mom or some random old person.
Caroline: "Dammit, I don't think anyone can make it this weekend."
Ray: "Don't worry I can still make."
Caroline: " Well whoopee for you, bingo dick..."
by Rasgettma June 02, 2015
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