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Binge Flirting is when you go on a flirting rampage after you've been consuming alcohol. Binge Flirting can be an individual flirting with one person (eg. at a bar) or with several people (eg. at a party). Someone who binge flirts doesn't typically flirt much before the "courage juice" but they won't pass up an opportunity after alcohol is consumed. Many people who need to drink so they can flirt are guilty of binge flirting.
"Look at Alicia over there chatting up every guy she sees. She always does that when she's been drinking. What a whore!"
"Woah woah! She's no whore. She's binge flirting, you do it too!"
"You're right, I was just kidding... But seriously, she's a whore."
by UrbanPaul February 06, 2014
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