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A fucking wonderful burst of energy, as a direct result of the booga shuga.
1.(sniiiiiiiif, lifts head with smile from ear to ear..)
BING!!!!!!!!!!!(points index finger from limp to erect)
by sandizz & tif nig May 28, 2006
30 56
A type of hand shake; where you fingers touch in a spirit finger motion. Then after you yell "BING!"
by anneinreallife June 01, 2009
2 29
A small bong that can be easily grasped in the palm of the hand. Easy to smoke from and simple to hide. Found at most head shops or local bonggeries.
Stoner 1: Dude, what should we smoke out of today? We gots a bowl, bong, a zong, volcano, steamroller, hitter, chillum, bubbler, reverse gravity bong, or maybe we should rolla blunt?

Stoner 2: Naw, man check it out. (Whips out a bing).

Stoner 1: Oh isn't that just adorable. Let's get all high 'n' shit.
by Pierce Cox May 29, 2009
14 41
The snapping back into place an extremely firm female breast makes (usually a C cup and below) when a girl makes a very small jump with her body.
When she jumped up and down with her shirt off, her boobs went bing, bing, bing.
by Donald Key March 22, 2007
11 38
a boy known to hook up with mingers
'omg that guy pulled a bing'
by tom jacobs March 08, 2007
4 31
A sound effect, usually used to convey the sound of a stop sign being used to smash someone in the head with.
Look at that! I've never seen tha... *Bing!* Ooh, that one's not good, i don't think Billy's gonna get up anytime soon...
by TheChameleon August 19, 2003
1 28
THE meaningless swear word of the year!
means anything you want it too.
originates from a mishearing of the lyrics 'motherfucking PIMP'
I haz got my bling and a ho on each arm. I am a mother-luvvin BING
by mostexellent April 01, 2009
8 36