secret codeword for penis mostly used by a perverted being
"Excuse me sir, but do you by any chance have a bing?"
"Ooooo baby your bing is so hard"
by johnwekrjkekw January 20, 2010
1) A verb indicating the action of flicking the clitoris bulb with one finger, or the head of the penis, so that a snapping motion is made.

2) The single nugget of poo that is shot out like rabbit pellets.

3) The north side of a fruit tree.
1) While we watched "Law and Order," I tended to bing Wendy's nub, almost absentmindedly, until I noticed she had her head thrown back and I heard her husky breathing.

2) The satisfying release of each bing was like the plucking of harp strings by angels.

3) "Mark ye randy traveler

The path both mist and dank

to shall pass the bing of Apple branch

before ye taste the stank."
by gateskeeper May 28, 2009
something that smart people use and that's better then Google.
Guy 1: Dude lets look up some shit on Google!

Guy 2: why not use bing?

Guy1: because it's not Google.

Guy 2: ... your a dumbass. Bing you can actually find shit while Google you look up random crap and your lucky enough to actually find it. plus it makes random guess.

Guy 1: bitch it's not Google!

Guy 2: we're not friends anymore. and I'm going to be smart and use bing. Dumb ass.

Guy 1: ......
by Meging July 17, 2011
A verbal exclamation point. A way to announce your arrival or presence.
i'll be there soon, Bing!
by jagerbunny May 17, 2009
slang word for cocaine
mark's got some bing. lets get binged up.
by hunnypot-dave June 09, 2007
When fraternities choose their pledges during rush, a bing is someone who is between getting a bid (accepted) and a ding (rejected). In other words, a pledge wouldn't want to join a fraternity if he found out he was a bing, because the members weren't sure they wanted him (i.e. maybe they just took him because they needed to fill the last open slot). This is comparable to being the last guy left when picking teams.
Evan Blue's nickname was "bing" and he never knew why.
by chicagojosh77 June 01, 2009
A verbal exclaimation mark; Generally used at the end of a sentience to exemplify the verbal equivilent of strong emphasis.
I was in the bar and BING next thing you know, I'm talking to this chick right...
by Boogie The Great September 25, 2007

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