solitary confinement.. bing is where they put you when u get in trouble in the prison system so someone who goes there alot is a bing monster..
my boy keeps getting in trouble hes always in the bing
by bigmfb January 09, 2012
As many people do not know, bing is actually an acronym for


Can also be used as

guy 1: Why shouldn't we use bing??
guy 2: Because it's not google.
by thatoneguy87 October 10, 2010
1. Noun: The drop of semen that forms on the head of the penis after ejaculating.
2. Noun: An undesirable or annoying person that fits the aforementioned description of a bing (synonyms: drip, dag, dork).
1. Dude, she totally swallowed after she blew me! And she licked off the bing!
2. (While camping) Hey, Jamie just left early without us because he was pissed off and took all of our tents, what a bing.
by Bill Gates Proper December 30, 2009
The lamest attempt at copying Google EVER. At least Yahoo has Yahoo!Answers to redeem itself. Bing has no cool shit whatsoever. Bing also slams Google in all its adds, which is pathetic as fuck.
Google (to Bing): You know what everybody says about you? They say that you're a Microsoft created search engine freak that's a less efficient version of me! Yeah! So don't try to act all innocent, you can take those pathetic commercials and shove it right up your hairy--
by Siouxsie & Alice September 15, 2013
commonly used term for a bong in the suburb of Elizabeth Vale, Adelaide, South Australia.
Hey Kris can you pass the bing?
by adelaide girl February 27, 2011
a really hot guy/girl that doesn't know you think their hot but really you think they are extremely attractive.
Hampton: BING!
Ziggy: oh my god Dan is so BING!
Maggidith: I KNOW! he so's nice to look at! ;)
by chink181 January 02, 2011
Making a shaddy trade in a fantasy league.
Did you see Kyle's trade - That dude pulled a bing
by Tiny Strokes July 31, 2010

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