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Combination of Beer and Wings
Hey, let's go for Bings tonight.
by Beersten March 20, 2014
A derogatory name given to a person of Asian decent.
*Person spots Asian walking on the other side of the road*
"Oi Bing!, How you doing mate! Tell your brother Jackie Chan I loved his movie!"
by notBing November 14, 2013
Microsoft's version of a search engine. It's the default search engine on Internet Explorer, which is the default browser installed on Windows. The only people who use it are those too lazy to get Firefox.
The 50-something year old computer user only had Internet Explorer so they performed a search on Bing.
by xxdeathx2 May 20, 2013
Microsoft's ripoff search engine that tries to match Google.
Screw Bing. I'm going to Google.
by Hmail April 25, 2012
sucks. Bing is basically a copy of Google; however, Bing does not provide as good results as Google. It looks bad, it searches bad, it loads bad, it smells bad, it is bad
Now Bing Crosby is another story.
by BENDER-IS-GREAT May 31, 2013
Bing is basically a copy of Google. Just way fucking stupider.
Guy 1 : "Hey let's go search random shit on Bing!"

Guy 2 : "Dude fuck Bing, I'm going to Google."
by The Fuckinq Word Master November 04, 2009
A sound effect. See ping
"Bring in the machine that goes, bing!"
by A_Llama March 04, 2004