1) City in Upstate, NY, e.g. short for Binghamton

2) Short for the ill school Binghamton University
I'm going up to Bing this weekend to hook up with the easiest college hoes ever.
by BIG PIMPIN UP IN B-I-N-G December 31, 2003
A bong used for smoking weed. Short for "binger."
Hey man, pass me the bing.
by Miss Take December 15, 2003
used to portray prison and/or solitary confinement. Derived from the sound the bars make.
30,000 niggas a day up in the bing, standin routine they put us in a box just like our life on the block
by Murkado August 29, 2003
A sound effect, usually used to convey the sound of a stop sign being used to smash someone in the head with.
Look at that! I've never seen tha... *Bing!* Ooh, that one's not good, i don't think Billy's gonna get up anytime soon...
by TheChameleon August 19, 2003
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