Microsoft's version of a search engine. It's the default search engine on Internet Explorer, which is the default browser installed on Windows. The only people who use it are those too lazy to get Firefox.
The 50-something year old computer user only had Internet Explorer so they performed a search on Bing.
by xxdeathx2 May 20, 2013
When no word is good enough, "Bing!" describes the feeling that one feels when "love" isn't powerful enough. Nothing can compare to the feeling of "Bing!"
Bonnie: Wait? Could you be any more amazing? Like really. :)

by clyde. June 22, 2009
the best search engine to find google.
Bing is Microsoft's attempt to create a search engine, but it is mainly used to search for Google, the only good search engine.
by Meepster March 17, 2015
A bing is a line of cocaine,

and if anyone tells you its a line of m or speed, they're fucking stupid cause its just coke...just coke.
Brooke:hey want to go for a bing its been about twenty minutes
Sarah:yea you have bings? ill take a bing
Brooke:key lets go snort these little baby bings and then get fucked up
Sarah:bings are good, BINGS!!!
by Sarahbrookebell June 21, 2013
Dude relax you can bing your assignment later.
by poikl125 February 01, 2011
Microsoft's ripoff search engine that tries to match Google.
Screw Bing. I'm going to Google.
by Hmail April 25, 2012
A person who is very nice, very strong, but is dumb as shit.
i worked with Long today, he is a real Bing
by Glad I'm not Rance January 29, 2015
A derogatory name given to a person of Asian decent.
*Person spots Asian walking on the other side of the road*
"Oi Bing!, How you doing mate! Tell your brother Jackie Chan I loved his movie!"
by notBing November 14, 2013

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