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A bong used for smoking weed. Short for "binger."
Hey man, pass me the bing.
by Miss Take December 15, 2003
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Bing is basically a copy of Google. Just way fucking stupider.
Guy 1 : "Hey let's go search random shit on Bing!"

Guy 2 : "Dude fuck Bing, I'm going to Google."
by The Fuckinq Word Master November 04, 2009
1226 429
As many people do not know, bing is actually an acronym for


Can also be used as:

guy 1: Why shouldn't we use bing??
guy 2: Because it's not google.
by thatoneguy87 October 10, 2010
613 239
Microsoft's crappy attempt at creating a search engine, that never seems to find what you are searching for.
Tom: "Hey, where's the nearest Starbucks?"
Dick: "I'm not sure, let me Bing it."
Harry: "Why? If you Googled it you'd probably actually find what you are looking for without looking through pages of search results."
Dick: "Oh, yeah, you're right."
by AlecBaldwin10001 August 05, 2010
412 198
because its not google
1st guy : BING SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!
2nd guy : its cus its not google
by kickbuttsurrey October 25, 2010
278 154
term for the original word jail
"my dude is in the bing"
by swizzy testiclez March 02, 2007
365 245
Microsoft's version of Google that is very unintelligent. They even have special programs where they give you stuff for using it (Bing Rewards, Club Bing, etc.). If their search is so bad that they have to pay you to use it, then why is it there in the first place?

Bing stands for Bing Is No Good
I did a search on Bing about cars, and got results about cats.
by Fluff Blue December 25, 2010
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Acronym, But Its' Not Google
Q. Hey homey, how do you like microsoft search?

A. It's okay, bing! That filthy slut tried to sell me Linux!

Possible high fives would follow assuming good delivery, proper inflection, and wussy free cadence.
by Saddlebacking Sarah Palin June 02, 2009
422 374