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a mixture of beer and wine
Whoa, look at Bill chug down that bine!
by MYL November 08, 2007
Word commonly used for something to smoke.
Ooooh im pua clammin on a bine me!
by NorthEastMassive. February 19, 2010
A 'bine' is a cigarrette
Just gone to get some bines man. Comin for a smoke?
by JaY January 23, 2003
a cigarette, a fag, something to smoke
I need to smoke a bine
by fi August 01, 2004
a cigarrete names by the long preston people in early 2000's
cigarrete bine
by willybits January 13, 2009
A term expressiong frustration
What's the matter?
I forgot my keys at home and I managed to drive my car all the way here without them, so now I'm stuck.
by Drew_0123 June 08, 2006
Beer followed by wine. Usually ends up in bad news.
Look at that sorry state, he's been on the Bine.
by Jonny Pondlife February 10, 2004