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A word that simulates the sound of impact. Can be used to simulate dropping and hitting as well.
Greg: I hit dat bitch like BIM BIM. Pussy' aah mufucka.

Steven: straight up...
by There are no names left May 02, 2005
3 10
Teh Sexiest clan in the Q3A:Navy Seals MOD community. Very often used in a funny way
Hey bimbos, wanna have a BiM barn tastic game. Lets join the BiM-Server
by [BiM]Llama December 19, 2003
2 9
Beauty in Motion. Not to be confused with an abbriviation of "cherubim".
That guy is pure bim
by salmalmi December 08, 2005
2 11
Bim is an acronym for Back in Monatana. Those who BIM talk of times that were, or more specifically, make outlandish claims that could never be possible.....outside of the matrix.

BIM can be used as an adjective, verb, adverb, or prepositional phrase.
You: "Check out that kid and his chew (tobaco)."

Andrew: "Oh man Back In Montana everyone chewed. Even eight year olds were chewin."

You: "Did you see that spin move I pulled last night?"

Andrew: "Back in Montana I was the shit. I pulled a move like that, while getting the mail on my dirtbike. Did I mention I was rolling a joint the whole time."

"I wish that BIM would stop Bimming, before I go crazy on his Bimmed out ass."
by GH REP 3+3, 4+4 May 14, 2005
1 10
bim is a crazy person who sucks at being a mom you on dope bim
you on crack bim you suck at life you bim
by anonymous August 31, 2004
3 12
to engage in sexual intercourse
heather lets bim!
by inkigity January 21, 2003
2 15