balls in mouth
I'd like to bim her.
by noel_doubt February 21, 2009
A plan or scheme which is interesting and desireable in concept and theory, but will never reach the stages of execution.
"Wouldn't it be cool to drive around the world in an icecream truck?""yeah, but that's probably a bim."
by werecow June 01, 2003
A spliff, doob, whatever, get's you stoned... for those that are retarded
Don't hog the bim, chuck it over dude
by i love yellowllamas April 17, 2008
"Spankings" literally. In a wider sense, used as a general expression of humorous displeasure, defined in terms of size.
Oh! You're getting big bims when Dad gets home!

You took my car without asking? Bims!
by Daniel April 21, 2005
A girlfriend (or less commonly, boyfriend).

Derived from bimbo but considered non-derogatory.
"Who's your bim?"
by xx January 18, 2004
A word that simulates the sound of impact. Can be used to simulate dropping and hitting as well.
Greg: I hit dat bitch like BIM BIM. Pussy' aah mufucka.

Steven: straight up...
by There are no names left May 02, 2005
1.A bitch who sucks at every thing and always thinks she's sick.
2.Abrev. for bimbo
1.Another bim, god I wish I wasn't a doctor.
2.Ya I dumped her cuz she was such a bim.
by isla September 02, 2004
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