As for bifter. A joint, a fat one, a doob....
Yo, rack up a bim dude!
by Muddy Trump March 17, 2011
Term used to impart a sense of self-pride, satisfaction, and complete superiority to one's peers. The equivalent of saying - "I am the shit, and you know it" or "I'm one bad mothafucker".

Should never be used as an agreement, as one might use word or boom, because that might imply a degradation of one's superiority.
Gabriel: ...and if you lean a little closer you will find that my shit really doesn't stink.
John: What?!
Gabriel: Bim!

John: Wow, that girl I saw you with is pretty hot!
Gabriel: Bim.

John: Hey, check out my new kicks. Aren't they cool?!
Gabriel: .....
by J Mugga February 08, 2004
Booty Instant Message. When you get home at night, late, from a party, drunk, and IM someone for the sole purpose to getting laid.
Oh God! I was so wasted when I got home last night, I BIM'd Walter.
by HeavnlySin November 29, 2006
When someone nods and is trying to end a conversation by not saying anything and nodding.
She was bimming him as he tried to flirt with her.
by danzaz17 February 16, 2011
An abbreviation for a major in college called Bio-Medical Science. It is a pre-med major generally used to become a doctor or vet.
Person 1:"What is your major?"
Person 2:"BIMS"
by Texas Totty November 05, 2006
a slut to the highest degree
yo, that girl is a major bim.
by amanda corriveault March 01, 2005
being amazing at everything the coolest person everyone loves you just the overal beast and the best also the nices
caz is the bim
by the king of the bim April 30, 2009

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