From the Japanese word 微妙 (bimyou) : originally meaning delicate, sensitive, difficult; delicate (situation), etc, but now used as slang to imply that something that "sucks" or is "bad in an annoying way." Used mainly by people who speak both English and Japanese.
"The chicken katsu I had for dinner last night was so bims."

"Our new co-worker is so bims, he can't do anything right."
by matchapafe May 08, 2014
As for bifter. A joint, a fat one, a doob....
Yo, rack up a bim dude!
by Muddy Trump March 17, 2011
Booty Instant Message. When you get home at night, late, from a party, drunk, and IM someone for the sole purpose to getting laid.
Oh God! I was so wasted when I got home last night, I BIM'd Walter.
by HeavnlySin November 29, 2006
When someone nods and is trying to end a conversation by not saying anything and nodding.
She was bimming him as he tried to flirt with her.
by danzaz17 February 16, 2011
An abbreviation for a major in college called Bio-Medical Science. It is a pre-med major generally used to become a doctor or vet.
Person 1:"What is your major?"
Person 2:"BIMS"
by Texas Totty November 05, 2006
being amazing at everything the coolest person everyone loves you just the overal beast and the best also the nices
caz is the bim
by the king of the bim April 30, 2009
balls in mouth
I'd like to bim her.
by noel_doubt February 21, 2009

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