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When a man shaves his pubic hair, then proceeds to ejaculate on a woman's face and throw his aforementioned pubic hair on her face leaving the appearance of Billy Mays. Similar to that of the werewolf.
Duke blew his load on Aimee's face and made her look like Billy Mays.
by Duke0219 December 14, 2009
1) A constantly coked up spokesperson for the worlds shittiest products.
2) A name for mentally retarded babies born with both a penis and a vagina.
1) I can use oxyclean, orange glow, and kaboom to clean up the mess I made after I murdered billy mays with a shamwow.
2) Dude, if Rosie O'donnell ever got pregnant, the baby would definitely be a billy mays.
by Richard Pancreas December 23, 2008