billie jo, long form of the name b.j. also known as a toothy blow job
billie joe needs to fold her lips other them teeth almost ripped the head of my penis off.
by ffox August 30, 2008
Top Definition
A crazy girl who likes to have fun, she's always up for a good time and is almost always in a good mood.. Don't mess with her though!!!!!!!

Don't mess with her, she's a Billie Jo!
by 2012SD April 16, 2009
She is Hot and has a beautiful smile. She is a loving person. She is very sporty. She has a nice bod.
Damn Billiejo you be lookin fine!
by Krissumiel March 09, 2010
likes to steal caravans, for personal use.
may also be known as a 'traveller'
most billie-jos are gypsys
by 123bob12321 August 03, 2008
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