Sickest chic, you know when she's close because you can hear her tribe of mountain goats trotting behind her. She may come off as strange but she is the most creative and spontaneous person, do not be alarmed if she starts walking on all fours and eating grass, this is completely normal for a Billie. She might randomly scream 'meeh' but she's only expressing her individuality. You can trust Billie with your life and she often trusts you back. If you're friends with her she will give you free food and belly rubs just make sure that you make slow movements around her so that she doesn't spaz out.
There's Bille eating grass again, she's so cool.

Billie: meeeh
by Yasmino Kadeeno June 24, 2014
This name has been traced to both English and German origins, meaning both 'strong willed' and 'determined protector'. This is extremely fitting as a Billie will be the fiercest friend you will ever have.
That girl is such a good friend. Such a Billie.
by Laddddd August 23, 2014
Is a very kind person; they always think about others. If they believe they've done something wrong, they feel very guilty! They would never do anything to hurt anybody, unless they'd hurt someone they care about. Just a great person, who really doesn't get enough credit. There isn't enough of them in the world.
Is that Billie?
Oh, yeah, always doing her best and working hard.
I know! I don't know how she does it, but i'm sure she'll have a great life after school!
by FelixFelicis September 16, 2013
Every animal.

May also be used as the name of an object if someone's asks you what you named said object.
1. "Aw, did you see the cute billie over there?"

2. "I got a new car today." "What did you name it?" "Billie."
by Billie's Mother October 19, 2010
Billie. A confusing name given to a female dog so that everyone will mistake it for a boy.
I'm unsure if that's a dude or a chick, it's probably called Billie.
by Confusedas August 31, 2011
A really annoying girl, who thinks everyone loves her, but really, everyone hates her, and she has a monobrow.
billie: "OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU"

tom: "piss off billie."
by AWESOMEKIDSBRO April 30, 2011
A term often used to name someone with various mental and social disabilities.
1. " Billie, the juice goes IN the cup "

2. " Why is there excrement all over the walls? Oh, it's Billie "
by James Litt November 16, 2008

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