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Billah Abdul-Jalaal, Commonly referred to as "Calm Down Billah, A.K.A TooEZ, "Prep Balla A-J", "SuperBounce", ThousandGrams", "Noneoftheabove", "Nah Man I'm Jv",

Billah is a Georgetown Preparatory School student who plays Basketball and Football.... Everything in life is "TooEZ" for him.
Freshman Basketball Player: Hey Billah do you have freshmen baskteball practice?

Billah Abdul-Jalaal: Nah man I'm JV......

Freshmen Bball Player: You are a freshman too!



*Billah walking into the gym*

Billah: Everything is just TooEZ, I'm such a Prep Balla...

Person 1: Are you on Varsity?

Billah: Nah man I'm Jv..... Again
by billah abdul-jalaal December 06, 2010

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