The cunning and charasmatic host of the #1 rated cable news television show in America, "The O'Reilly Factor." Conservatives love him because he uses common sense and basic morals to form his opinions. Liberals hate him for the same reason. He's all around controversial because he actually speaks his mind and doesn't suck up to ANY of his guests.
Bill O'Reilly put that liberal bitch in her place on the show last night.
by Tom April 28, 2005
Loud mouthed Irishman who dishes it out to everyone. Liberals hate hin for using common sense to show the holes in their ideology. Conservatives find him entertaining.
Joey was so scared of the cops, he started sputtering like George Clooney on Bill O'Reilly
by Riley March 18, 2005
1. The greatest reporter in the history of television
2. God among men.
Bill O'Reilly is the greatest human being to ever walk the planet.
by JS1013 September 18, 2005
A Bill O'Reilly: is when some no-talent, know-nothing - Anarcho-Syndicalist, corners me into having a conversation about Collectivism Vs. Individualism - and I refuse to let him get a word in edgewise. I may eventually: find myself becoming verbally abusive, instead of having a healthy debate; but I know: that if the tables turn on me, then I can always cutaway to a commercial break - friends shouldn't discuss politics or religion, and that is why: I'm not friends with Bill O'Reilly, or any Anrcho-Syndicalists.
I'm sorry: that I pulled a Bill O'Reilly on you; but you should really read something by William Godwin, or at least be familiar with Max Stirner and Gustav Landauer- before you try and talk about Anarchism around me.

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