A man I hate because before Bill Clinton I was a Democrat who was atleast semi-optimistic about politics but after Bill Clinton I am for the destruction of all governments on earth because Clinton showed me just how evil politicians really are!
After Bill Clinton got through with all his shit I will never trust another politician again in my life! Not for as long as I live!

I hate polticians and Clinton is the embodiment of the word politician.

Check his fuckin head for sixes.
America's biggest disgrace
Maybe if he wasn't too busy getting blowjobs from interns coughhMONICALEWINSKYoooooooughghggh he'd of been a better prez.
by Eaglesfan005 February 27, 2005
the secound worst president.
he sold US land to the UN that had perfectly good coal in it and then bought horrible coal from some small country that no one knows about
hey i just sold my corvette for a ford focas
this is something Bill Clinton would do
by SMARTERTHENDIPSHITS September 13, 2008
The one and only thing he was good at was representing the looser-sleazebags that voted for his sorry ass.....
Q: Why is Clinton's favorite sex-position having the woman on top?

A: Because he can only fuck-UP.....!
by scottie December 20, 2003
A President who liberals admired for reasons I cannot understand. Evidence of how backwards America has gotten if this guy gets slapped with the "librul" tag:

1. He signed the DMCA.

2. He actively supported DOMA.

3. He escalated the fascist War on Drugs.

4. He insituted an extremely regressive grocery tax as governor of Arkansas.

5. He was an imperialist.

6. The only thing good about him is that his opponents were even more evil.
Bill Clinton represnts how pathetic America has become, especially concerning that his opponents were even more bigoted and puritanical.
by jj_frap October 11, 2003
Man who lied under oath before the supreme court of the United states. Commonly compared to George W. Bush, his successor, who managed to avoid being tried for his crimes against America by instituting a commitee of right wing fundamentalist christians while the media's attention was diverted by his numerous, and humorous blunders.

Bill Clinton poorly led his countrymen by getting his dick sucked in office. If only this man had come after G.W. Bush, he could have followed his example of getting oil at the expense of American lives (thousands of them). Stupid Bill didn't even think of how readily his soldiers would sacrifice thier lives so their parents could still drive fords and chevys (even though they had been produced in outsourced factories).

A rose between 2 thorns....or is it a rose between 2 Bushes (I forget how that saying goes)

Bill Clinton was powerless to prevent the onslaught on human rights at the hands of George "Dubbleyah" Bush, his successor.
by Partisan Milne March 19, 2006
The man who ended America.
We are all going away.Just you wait and see.

It's all over and done with.Finito Caput,THE END.
by politicians are sick evil fucks August 05, 2005

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