when a group is smoking marijuana, the first one to stop smoking and or leave the group is known as the "Bill Clinton".
One more hit David. Dont be a Bill Clinton!

"i didnt inhale and i didnt like it"
by timothy dinkleman November 27, 2007
The 42nd so-called "president of the United States" who proved to be the most subversive and hypocritical "commander in chief" to date. Accomplishments incude:

1) Having a affair (and being impeached for perjury partially as a result) with a White House intern.

2) Despite his own '60s era admiration of draft evaders and goals of avoiding mandatory military service (aka the draft) during the Vietnam war,Bill Clinton (aka Slick Willie) championed Selective Service draft registration to continue despite his own actions to the contrary about 30 years earlier. Hypocrite!
Bill Clinton was (and still is) a liberal subversive! At least I had guts enough to serve in the military.
by Piranha January 30, 2006
Our first REAL black president, unlike that poser Obama. Born into poverty in the deep south (Arkansas), had an affair with a fat white woman (Monica Lewinsky), played jazz music (saxophone), and loved him his KFC and McDonalds.
During his campaign, Bill Clinton received much support from the African-American communities, for obvious reasons.
by Terrazine September 18, 2011
A person who:

(1) lies; perjures themselves under oath
(2) uses drugs and dodges the draft in college
(3) womanizes and is a serial adulterer.
(4) takes credit for a booming economy that had nothing to do with his policies

Basically a person with no moral decency but is looked up to by a lot of people.
Guy #1: Dude this guy is such a bastard. He is a lying, draft-dodging, womanzing serial adulterer. Why would people look up to him?

Guy #2: Oh so he's a Bill Clinton.

Guy #1: Yea exactly!
by DandyAndy827 February 13, 2011
To receive a blowjob while smoking a cigar, and then to take the cigar and place the unlit end into a girls vagina. After this, remove the cigar and proceed to smoke it again. This is the little known move called the "Bill Clinton".
I didn't have any cigars to perform a Bill Clinton yesterday with my girl.
by Tony McCloud April 13, 2009
A president who's beneficial actions, nearly in their entirety, are recorded for future generations to admire in the common notebook.
"I had a book written by a politician supportive of Bill Clinton, but I used everything other then the appendix, table of contents, and the foreword for keeping my trig notes.
by Bob Melver January 06, 2010
A penis without a spine. While America's enemies plotted against her, Bill Clinton philandered. A dishonest and cowardly man who wouldnt know the truth if it bit him on the ass. When the islamo-nazis attacked American interests over-seas Clinton reacted by bombing an asprin factory. A president who was only elected because of Ross Perot, and whose 'great economy' was based on the fantasy of the 'dot-coms' and fradulent accounting policies of US firms. The tragic Clinton presidency was a direct cause of Sept 11th 2001. Also, he has a thing for ugly women - dykezilla (his wife), Monica Lewinski, Paula Jones and Babs
Bill Clinton: I tried to get Osama and failed!

Thinking person whose mind is not full of left-wing conspiricy bullshit: Aw Horseshit!
by Big Fat Daddy October 08, 2007

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