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The Pimpin' Prez
Billy C got mo ho's an likes fuckin lesbian twins
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
One of the coolest presidents we ever had.
Vote the nigga back into office!
The only conspiracies Bill Clinton had were until his desk..
by O to the G October 25, 2003
First american president to (nearly) be able to speak English, and he's a serial rapist.
uhhh, Bill Clinton?
by Mr Ben. April 17, 2003
The ultimate fall guy.
Bill Clinton was responsible for 9/11, the recession, the popularity of American Idol, the Crusades, Gigli, and the Holocaust. God bless America and vote for Bush. PS I'm an idiot.
by varietylevel13 May 04, 2004
the only old ugly white pimp to become president ohh giggidy giggidy gig fripidy gallem go bill you da pimp
bill clinton nuff said.
by HarleyHorton March 29, 2004
Former President of the USA, didn't really do any good for the country, but he was a PIMP so.... 'nuff said
I saw Bill Clinton in the presidential limo rollin' out with a bunch of fine hoe's... what a pimp!
by ILackslax February 21, 2004
retard president, but better than Bush by a long shot i.e. seemed capable to write his own name without assistance.
by - July 15, 2003