This millennia's Perpetual Poster Boy for birth control, incest, congenital mental impairment, miscegnation, sexual debauchery, beastaltiy and animal cruelty.
Also: He is the Incredible Christ Appointed Doctor who was able to determine that Terri Schiavo was responding to visual stimuli simply by watching a video of her for a whole hour! When Miss Shiavo finally did pass-away, her autopsy revealed there was no way she could have been responding to visual stimuli. She was blind.
Be sure to read Bill Frist's self-published genealogy "Assholes beget assholes"...uh, I mean "Good people beget good people."
#self appointed #self anointed #self rightious #bush appointee #first boot lick #incest #miscegnation #birth defects #mental retardation #jaundice #goiters #learning disablities #bargain basement medical schools #501st in a class of 400 #forced sterilization #bad people #good people #youthful errors #genetic mutations #evolution #anti abortion birth control activist.
by Carl J. Maltese November 12, 2007
Top Definition
A senator, also a medical doctor from Tennessee who believes that Aids and HIV can be transmitted through sweat and tears.
Bill Frist is a fucking moron for believing that Aids can be transmitted through sweat and tears
by Pasha Stookie March 28, 2005
A senator from Tennessee who is a far right hypocritical republican. He actually wrote in his book that he took cats from animal shelters, and then sent them to labs to die in the name of "animal testing science".
The idiot Bill Frist actually might be elected president in 2008;God help America!!
by LibWithaHeart March 04, 2005
A "Medical Senator", who is a reason to condemn the Republican party.

More of a flip flop than John Kerry, he has changed his views of stem cell research, and has become an Evangelical Chrstian - just to gain popularity.
Frist amazingly has less charisma than John Kerry.

Pathetically, this man thinks he can become the President of the United States.

See: Azrael
"Would you ever vote for Bill Frist?

by Geoff L. August 06, 2005
Senator fighting to make sure no family is hurt by any form of gambling other than horse racing, lotteries, and fantasy sports.
If it weren't for Bill Frist, I would have clicked my mouse and lost my house.
#senate #idiot #gambling #poker #hypocrite
by dave090906 October 10, 2006
Senator from my home state. The only doctor in the Senate. Is a champion of the free market, individual rights, and sound economic policy. Has his eye on the presidency for 2008.
The only doctor in the Senate, Bill Frist, votes pro-life.
by Watchdog March 07, 2005
A great man and the Republican Tennessean Senator who is currently the Senate majority leader. This doctor-turned-politician is also the same man who performed successful heart surgery on my grandfather.
Bill Frist is an awesome guy.
by Republican Warrior March 30, 2005
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